Dr. John Bickert, B.E.d., D.C.
​Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. John Bickert was a graduate of Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in 1984.

He continues to work diligently to advance his skills and techniques to provide quality chiropractic care to his patients. Dr. Bickert is a proud licensed member of the Alberta Association and College of Chiropractors. He is currently the president of Chiropractic for the World Foundation a CRA Listed Canadian Tax Charity. He was recognized by the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors for his 25 years of service to Alberta patients in 2011.

Dr. John Bickert started his varied career in the Canadian Navy. He served as a Sonar Operator and Seaman on the H.M.C.S. Saskatchewan. 

He subsequently embarked on a teaching career and taught high school in Alberta for 20 years. He still holds a Permanent, Professional Teaching Certificate in Alberta.

During these 50+ years of learning, training and practicing, Dr. Bickert owned home building and construction companies and held real estate licenses in both British Columbia and Alberta.  He is also very involved in activities within his community, and has had his written works published.

Dr. Bickert is a highly dedicated professional with a record of success in providing quality chiropractic care to patients. His emphasis on functional neurology has led him to seek solutions to many serious and difficult patient problems. Dr. Bickert relates well with people, and is very skilled in treating patients of all ages from babies to seniors.

Dr. Bickert is a dedicated family man. He and his wife Gail enjoy family activities with his 6 children 13 grandchildren. He is an active sportsman and enjoys recreational scuba diving, cycling, and holds a private pilot license. He is also involved in activities within community, and has had his written works published.

Dr. Ed Sands, D.C.

Dr. Ed Sands, a returning member of our clinic staff, is a very experienced chiropractor and had his own full time practice in Okotoks. We are very grateful for his expertise and his contributions to the team.

He is a member of the Okotoks town council and is part of a band and theatre group. Don’t be surprised if he wants to sing to you during your adjustments.

Gail Bickert

Gail and John were married in 1968, celebrating their 50th anniversary in April 2018. Gail has been an integral part of the team since 1987, working as bookkeeper, planner, assistant.

They say that wisdom is placing of things in correct order for a higher or ultimate good, and Gail's wisdom is without question.  A great listener, Gail is relied upon to provide wisdom and advice to the members of the staff.

Dr. Bickert relies on her a tremendous amount and appreciates her input.

Krystal Raber,Chiropractic Assistant

Krystal is a valuable employee with Saddletowne Chiropractic Clinic.  She has a deep sensitivity and compassion for patients and their wishes.  Her experience as a doula adds to her ability to meet the needs of patients.

Krystal is a mother of two children and balances her day between caring for them and assisting with her special needs brother. She is very patient, and is detail-oriented, with extensive amount of experience in chiropractic clinics.  Krystal shows concern for each aspect of patient relations.  She is skilled at ensuring office procedures best suit the needs of both the clinic and patients. 

Krystal's gentle demeanor is a stark contrast to her hobbies of kickboxing and riding motorcycles. In addition to working at Saddletowne Chiropractic Clinic, she is competent in scheduling her  son's hockey games, daughter's dance performances, kickboxing lessons and various school functions.

Bernadine Canggat,Chiropractic Assistant

Saddletowne Chiropractic is happy to have Bernadine on staff as a Chiropractic Assistant.  She started in 2020 training during a Medical Assistance Course and became a valuable member of our team.
Bernadine describes herself in the following words, “I am happily married and recently moved to Canada from the Philippines in 2019.  I value being caring, respectful and assisting others.  These qualities inspired me to continue to be involved in the healthcare system.  I worked as a registered nurse in the Philippines in a hospital and clinic before immigrating to Canada.  My love and dedication in dealing with patients motivated me to continue being a nurse. I was inspired to study as a medical assistant and took my practicum at Saddletowne Chiropractic under Dr. John Bickert, a known chiropractor. Working in this field and hearing testimonies while seeing a lot of improvements in patients with different problems, sometimes as soon as after their first treatment, is exciting.  A chiropractic approach to healthcare is often ignored and has become a last option for many. 
When I was given a chance and offered to continue working as a Chiropractic Assistant, I grabbed the opportunity immediately, and I am now enjoying my work. I love seeing the many smiles of patients.”